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Xavier Cousseau

Hello Jeff,

I receive a message from Bill to explain me your situation… I am very sad about that news, I didn’t knew about your cancer… and I would like to send you all my power and all my love to fight about this fucking disease…
I wish the treatment is good and will permit you to beat this cancer and to come back stronger… you are a fighter in you personal life and in you professional life, so you will not give up and lose against this disease…. 
I remember all the good memories in Vars … and also in Aspen …. and in Paris at the Chateau de Versaille we visit together… 
i wish you a good recovery and i send you and send you all my strength….
if you can give me news about the evolution of your treatment…. 
make a kiss to Carolyne and your beautiful daughters… 
see you soon man and good luck.

Xavier - Your Speed Ski Friend 

Xavier Cousseau
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