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19th Place

190.274 KPH / 118.230 MPH

Val Thorens, France

FIS World Cup

10th Place

200.90 KPH / 124.83 MPH

Vars, France

FIS International

6th Place

187.68 KPH / 116.61 MPH

Grimentz, Switzerland

FIS World Cup

9th Place

185.090 KPH / 115.009 MPH

Silverton, Colorado

North American Championship

6th Place

156.31 KPH / 97.12 MPH

Fortress, Canada

FIS International

This year, I skied in six races, met the people I’d stay close to for my lifetime, and saw the importance of priorities and luck. At my second race of my career, in Fortress Canada, I met Mark Haynes and John Zevily -- they told me they were going to Europe for a fast race in Vars, France. I decided to QUIT? And go. I skied not quite 100 mph but in my third race I became one of 40 skiers to break the 200 kph barrier. I came in 10th place. 


Thanks to that speed I qualified for the FIS World Cup. Dale Womack joined Mark and me and we became known as the “FNGs” the Fucking New Guys. In Grimentz, Switzerland, I raced my second World Cup and came in 6th. I remember the track well --  there was a huge jump in it at the start.  I ended up the top American and thought I did so well because I used a ridiculous angled vortex generation helmet. 


After the Grimentz race I made the decision to travel home to the US to be in my college roommate and best friend’s wedding. I knew that the Olympic team would be chosen based on the speeds in the race I chose to miss – Les Arcs, France. The Les Arcs race was fast. Multiple Americans surpassed my top speed, eliminating me from Olympic consideration. 

But, as luck would have it, the race was thrown out after a protest by the British team, keeping my Olympic hopes alive. 


I rejoined the tour in Silverton, Colorado, where I crashed (LINK TO VIDEO) at about 100mph. The course was frozen side-stepped snow and it felt like a washboard. One of the most painful crashes I’ve ever had. But raced the next day and came in 9th  Stelvio was the final race of the year.



First international race

Qualified for the World Cup 

6th place in my 2nd World Cup race 

1st crash in Silverton, CO




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