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1st Place

233.463 KPH / 145.067 MPH

Vars, France

World Pro Championships

2nd Place

186.340 KPH / 115.786 MPH

Hundfjallet, Sweden

Would Pro Championships

1st Place

236 KPH / 147 MPH

Vars, France

Red Bull Tower Event

8th Place

237.781 KPH / 147.750 MPH

Les Arcs, France

World Championship Finals

5th Place

195.799 KPH / 121.664 MPH

Snowmass, Colorado

US Championships

In ‘99 I was able to capture my fourth World Title and we held the Red Bull Speed Event. That race was dedicated to creating an opportunity to go as fast as we could. Red Bull built a 7-story tower at the top of Vars. The racers were Philippe Billy, Harry Eger, and myself. I volunteered to be the first one off the tower. It was so steep it made the track look flatter, I didn’t know if my skis were going to auger in and I would flip over the front when I transitioned from the ramp to the course.  Unfortunately, the snow wasn’t fast enough but it was so much fun going off that tower on the top of that massive mountain of Vars. I had another big crash that year, too, and broke my back. But 99 was a great year, too. I held a big race in Snowmass that year, and more importantly, I had a little person coming into my life, Eleanore, our first daughter, who was born in December of that year. Life was transitioning quickly into my new priorities. 



Won two events of five entered 

Won fourth in final World Tour title. 

Finished the season as the 5th Fastest Skier in the World 

Won the Red Bull Tower event 




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