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2nd Place

241.935 KPH / 150.331 MPH

Vars, France

World Pro Championships

1st Place

242.915 KPH / 150.940 MPH

Les Arcs, France

World Pro Championships

1st Place

189.37 KPH / 117.66 MPH

Hundfjallet, Sweden

World Championship Finals

3rd Place

231.262 KPH / 143.699 MPH

Les Arcs, France

Swiss Championships

1st Place

230.769 KPH / 143.393 MPH

Les Arcs, France

French Championships

I had neck surgery before the '97 season. I had my C-5, C-6 vertebrae fused. I was the current WR holder and I knew I wasn’t physically strong but I wanted to keep competing and I wanted to set another world record. I ended up winning the tour title but I crashed hard that year. I crashed at 151 mph, which became my top speed, but Philippe Billy set the record before me and I wasn’t able to take the record back that race. The tour wasn’t over, though, and I knew I still had to get the job done.  I was well enough to fly to Sweden for the last race, even though I was beat up and had contusions all over my body.  I raced, and I won that race, and captured my second World Title, but I was no longer the WR holder.



Finished on the podium of five races entered

Won second of four World Tour titles 

Lost World Speed Record but recorded his final personal best speed of 242.915KMH

Recorded fast in the history of non-motorized sport (151mph)




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