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John Dugan

Jeff & Carolyn,

What a difference, Ya I bet, super glad to hear that, and super good seeing you guys, thanks again, it means a lot to me to see him, even if in the hospital, all that aside, I only wish we would have spent more time in the last 20 yrs playing tennis and skiing. Now I am old and even slower. Haha. 

More importantly, I just hope we can visit you all more in the future. But I know it will be a tricky schedule for you. With chemo, and the way he feels day to day, etc...jeez crazy cards that man was dealt. Always seems to be a road of adversity for those that accomplish the most. Thank god you 2 are a solid team and you are there for him and vice versa.

As you know back in the 90s Jeff for the most part was our unassuming mentor (in a way), kind of a guiding light, we all ended up looking to this humble guy for bits of insight in a time we were ALL searching to find speed, to try to keep up with him #1, but also find ourselves, and test our limits. Because he was humble, respectful, fun and a 'naturally fast guy' we had a mark to shoot for. We tried to ski like him over and over, but to no avail I might add. Mostly we would ski, hang out, travel and hope something would rub off through osmosis or something along the way. haha. It's probably the same now, his associates try to present and close like him. Haha. He has that quality.

Those days were a never-ending learning curve, a test of adaptability to each venue and all kinds of variables. We all had fun, ups, & downs, but certainly we experienced character building, travelling and competing together. We learned about the world, our sport, even other sports, but most importantly and somewhat indirectly through experience we became connected as friends. Different, each one of us, but a brotherhood of the ages, Charlie feels it too, and I am sure Jimbo as well. The fact is, there are many many more friends with stories that Jeff connected with as you well know. 

I guess all I am saying, even if we didn't spend much time together in the last 20 yrs, is that Jeff has indirectly always been an important element in my life and just wanted 
to say that although long passed, I highly value those days and appreciate this special friend and the lessons Jeff has indirectly taught me along the way.

I am sure many are, but I certainly will continue to send positive vibes everyday, as I have for years. Your attitudes are amazing, dealing with the biggest hurdle in life and staying as strong and focused as possible is what you need to do ....... and I know there is another side but,.... If anyone can figure this out, it's you and Jeff !

I will check in with you, but please keep me updated if you think of it, and I know you have a vast network of friends, but if you guys ever need something or help, anytime, even if it's shovelling snow.....just let me know. Expect to see me anyway.

Thanks for putting up with me, ha, Talk soon 


John Dugan
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