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Charlie Row

It was mid-February 1995 I was being persuaded by Jeff to book a flight to France for the upcoming speed season. I was being very reluctant due to crashing out at Las Arcs the year before at 130mph. Besides lacking any kind of self-confidence, I had also broken my only decent pair of race skis. Jeff said he had a brand-new pair that he wanted me to use for the season. The tattoos on the tails and tip # revealed Atomics’ very fast warm snow base. These were a perfect ski for the upcoming races at Vars.
First week in April, we found ourselves in the top 10 finals at Vars. Jeff shattered the world record becoming the first skier to go 150 mph. I finished in 8th at 145mph. Thanks to the skis and Jeffs belief in my ability, I was now beaming with confidence. Because of his incredible support I continued racing for the next 5 years.
I returned his skis at the end of the season. This pair would later be known as his M-1s. They became his fastest pair, but later during a world record attempt in ’97 in Les Arcs at over 150 Jeff Crashed. He survived with only burns and bruises, bit the skis did not.
So, what kind of world champion would lone a fellow competitor his fastest skis?
A man of incredible integrity.

By Charlie Row
238 KPH

Charlie Row
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