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Ricardo Adarraga

Chairman FIS Speed Skiing Committee

Dear Jeff,
Unfortunately we never met. Maybe you know me through social media like Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.
We belong to the same generation and share the passion for skiing and speed. I started late in speedski but somehow we are related. My mentor when I started was the Dutch speed skier Merijn Vunderink who always proudly told me his fastest skis were the skis he got from Jeff Hamilton. He made place 2 in the Pro Mondial at Les Arcs in 2003 with that pair. Later I established a close speedski friendship with Philippe Billy. Philippe always tells me about the great 90ies where Harry, Philippe himself, you and some other mad guys would spend weeks continuously skiing down from the top of Chabrières in any track condition. We always have a lot to laugh when he tells us about those days in Les Escondus drinking a beer after a race day. All sponsored by that Austrian entrepreneur that was trying to sell those energy drinks he discovered in East Asia convinced of the marketing power of extreme sports… 😉
Because of my age and my passion I feel I should have been there with you guys. Unfortunately I missed those times. Nevertheless people like you inspired me to start a late career as a speedskier in 2003. I am still active.
Times have changed in FIS. In the speedski committee now we have experienced speedskiers and race organizers, one of them Philippe Billy. Together with Philippe we are trying to bring back the spirit of 90ies in Vars into FIS and are planning a great World Championship with the goal to break the World record in March 2023. The new FIS president is fascinated by our discipline. The last decision of the committee was to officially drop the ridiculous FIS 200 km/h limit.
For me and the other speed skiers you are a myth. Your milestones winning the eternal Olympic Bronze medal in 1992, first skier passing the 150 mph and your World Record are always present.
As American you can be proud of you because there is no major act of patriotism then making your country shine through your achievements. I hope you are proud to be American, because America can be proud of you.
I know you are going through difficult times. In the name of the speedskier community, the FIS and myself I want you to know that you are in our prayers and we believe in miracles to get you back to Vars in March 2023.
Un abrazo muy fuerte.
Ski fast, Jeff!
Ricardo Adarraga
240.642 km/h 
Récord de España de esquí de velocidad
Ricardo Adarraga
Chairman FIS Speed Skiing Committee

International Ski and Snowboard Federation 

Ricardo Adarraga
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