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  • Olympic Bronze Medal, 1992

  • Official World Record, 1995

  • First Person to Ski 150 MPH

  • America’s Fastest Skier from 1992 - 2002

  • 4X World Champion

  • 29 International Podiums

  • 6X Top 3 in World Tour Final Rankings

  • 15 International Wins

  • American Airlines Outstanding Skier Award, 1992

  • Steve McKinney Memorial Award, 1992

  • Far West President’s Cup, 1992

  • Cover of Guinness Book of World Records

  • 2X Participant in 24 Hours of Aspen

  • Featured in Warren Miller’s Film Free Riders and 60 Minutes

Sierra Nevada Mountains


  • First Race: Kirkwood, California

  • Made the finals on borrowed skis and a suit and helmet I bought at the race

  • Not quite 100 MPH



  • First international race: Fortress, Canada - 6th place

  • Went to Vars, France

  • Became one of the 50 skiers to break the 200 KPH barrier.

  • Qualified for the World Cup

  • Came in 6th place in my 2nd World Cup race

  • Raced in North American Championships in Silverton, CO. 1st crash


  • Bronze Medallist, 1992 Winter Olympics at 226.7 KPH​

  • Became America’s Fastest Skier and the Third Fastest Skier in the World



  • Set an unofficial World Record in Les Arcs, France at 232.258 KPH to be surpassed by Philippe Goitschel later in the race.

  • Became Second Fastest Skier in the World

  • Finished the season as the #2 ranked speed skier in World Tour rankings


  • Set new World Record becoming the first person to ski over 150 MPH​

  • On the podium of all seven races entered, winning five of them

  • Won first of four World Tour titles

  • Participated in the 24 Hours of Aspen

Screen Shot 2022-11-09 at 5.41.22 PM.png


  • A weather-effected season resulted in one race.

  • Retained title as America’s Fastest Skier and Second Fastest Skier in the World.

Powder_01_November1996 (2) copy.jpg


  • Won Mad Masters (European X Games)

  • Finished the season as the fastest skier of the year and retained title as World’s Fastest Skier.

  • Finished 3rd in World Tour rankings

  • Participated in the 24 Hours of Aspen


  • Finished first or second in all five races entered

  • Won third of four World Tour titles

  • Retained title of America’s Fastest Skier and 2nd Fastest Skier in the World

  • Featured in Warren Miller’s "Free Riders"


  • Finished on the podium of five races entered, including three victories

  • Won second of four World Tour titles

  • Lost World Speed Record but recorded his final personal best speed of 242.915 KPH

  • Recorded fastest crash in the history of non-motorized sport (151 MPH)

Screen Shot 2022-11-09 at 5.44.20 PM.png


  • Won two events of five entered

  • Won fourth and final World Tour title

  • Finished the season as the 5th Fastest Skier in the World

  • Won the Red Bull Tower event

Freeskier_01_Jan2000 copy1.jpg


  • Shifted focus to family and business

  • Went to Austria to compete in the Red Bull Assault on the Record, which was ultimately canceled because of snow conditions.



  • Continued to focus on family and business



  • Created, hosted and competed in the US Championships and the first stop on the Pro World Championship Tour.

  • In the final race of his career, Jeff won the race, once again becoming US National Champion, and then graciously left the stage for the next generation.

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